Company Highlight: Renovion, Inc.

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We are excited to highlight how Renovion, Inc. is transforming the treatment of chronic inflammatory lung diseases

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Renovion, Inc.

Renovion, Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company headquartered out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Renovion has created a nebulized therapy that restores mucus clearance and reduces inflammation in the lungs. The company is focused on developing ARINA-1 for orphan chronic inflammatory lung diseases.

Renovion relies on patient data rather than animal models. With over 25 patient years of experience with ARINA-1, a novel nebulized therapy, in target patient populations, their strong safety profiles have accelerated the clinical trial path for approval ARINA-1.

Renovion has recently announced the closing of a $8.1 million financing round, led by Tom Barton of White Rock Capital Partners. The company has secured an SBIR Direct-to-Phase 2 grant to fund a Phase 2/3 NDA-enabling clinical trial in lung transplant.

When asked about their experience working with Grant Engine, Renovion says “The Grant Engine team has assisted Renovion in the submission and management of the SBIR Direct-to-Phase 2. Their persistence and expertise was invaluable to Renovion.”

In collaboration with the Rowe Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Research Center at UAB and the CF Foundation, the first paper on the mucociliary mechanism of ARINA-1 was published in the American Journal of Respiratory, Cellular and Molecular Biology (Adewale, et. al., 2020).

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