How can you trust a partner to get up to speed on your technology and write a grant that is as good as, if not better than what you could do yourself? Securing non-dilutive funding with the help of a partner is an act of trust, but it should be one informed by a proven track record and expertise in your field.

A grant writing partner works to understand your project, what sets it apart from others, and where to hone in to make your application stand out from the rest. A good partner is not just there to glean information about your company, but to truly understand, appreciate and add value to your business model and product road-map, and make it shine in the eyes of a funder.

Your technology is key.  A good grant writing partner will work not only to understand that tech but get fully up to speed with it. Grant Engine takes technology seriously as part of effective grant writing, so we make sure to gather every bit of information we can, co-creating a grant thesis document with our clients at the outset. A key element of this is the differentiation of the product over current standard of care. We take that information and use our own expertise, along with clients’ insight, skills, and research, to write a grant that is as genuine as one written by a Senior scientific team-member.

That’s because one of the important parts of working with a grant writing partner is the ability to utilize that partner as a member of your team. An effective partner is not there to simply restate your strategy, alter your plans or adjust your timeline.   Rather, a trusted partner works within the requirements of our client companies to clearly, effectively, and compellingly share what makes a grant proposal worth funding, based on our nuanced understanding of your company, what it does, who it aims to serve and how a grant will amplify that work to benefit the wider population.

What Grant Engine Does

This isn’t theoretical for us. We have a proven approach for understanding each of our clients’ vision, differentiation, strategy, and plan for a grant application. We use all of those details to truly become part of each client’s team, understanding the tech driving each project, creating grant applications specific to each funder and each goal, and assisting with support after a grant is secured.

We would be happy to show you how we can prove ourselves as an excellent, high-quality writing partner. Please call (650) 937-9164, or email