At Grant Engine, we are committed to helping build great products and great companies that save lives and extend the duration of a quality life.  Our mission is even more relevant now.

It is difficult to see how this global pandemic is not a crisis.  As we work with clients who face challenges from COVID-19 we are acutely aware of the issues and opportunities that arise from this crisis.  We approach this crisis as experienced entrepreneurs who are skilled at handling danger while seeing opportunity.

COVID-19 and the ensuing realities are deeply tragic.  We are becoming forever changed because of the deadly mechanism of a single-stranded RNA virus which is sometimes compounded by the reactions, or lack thereof, of fellow citizens.

Yet, as tragic as COVID-19 is, what if it’s a dress rehearsal?    Alternatively, how much more is lost if we don’t learn from this event, even if nothing worse ever comes our way?

Not coincidentally, the Chinese word for crisis and opportunity is precisely the same.   This pandemic is unprecedented in the impact it has had in modern times and upon us as individuals, families, states, countries, and onwards.  Yet, we’ve all faced a crisis whether it be small, large, or global.  There are lessons to be learned from that previous crisis, and opportunity, you faced.

As this latest coronavirus tests all of us in ways small and sometimes overwhelming, we have found these resources useful now…and expect them to be even more essential in the days and weeks ahead.

COVID-19 Stabilize, Reopen, Grow Playbook including workplace command center in development from and

Founders Field Guide for Navigating a Crisis

Coronavirus: How to Be the Leader Your People Need Right Now how to communicate with clients during the crisis

Facebook for Business:  Small Business Resilience Toolkit 

McKinsey & Company:  Our Perspectives on the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Employee Rights Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

FDA:  Coronavirus FAQs

Biopharmaceutical Innovators Are Leading The Charge

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus 2019 – CDC

Resources for Wellness during COVID-19

Coronavirus Small Business Guide

COVID-19 Guidance: Businesses and Employers

If you have additional resources for us to add to this list, or would like help navigating your business during this time, contact us at