As this pandemic tests all of us in ways large, small and sometimes overwhelming, we have found these resources useful now…and expect them to be even more essential in the days and weeks ahead.

We are adjusting to a new rhythm of working with new office mates across the USA, from 1.5 years old to my Dad who is 79.

We thank our friends for the inspiration and some of the ideas.    Below are tools for navigating your life during this time, crisis support and intervention, managing anxiety, mindfulness and movement, ways to share art and stories, support for children and teens, and resources in Spanish.


Navigating Your Life

Advice on health, family, travel and helping others during the age of Covid-19.

How to get sleep; facts (and myths) about boosting your immune system; How to Reduce Your Risks as Lockdowns Ease; and much much more.


Crisis Support and Intervention

Crisis Text Line
Text SHARE to 741741 to reach a crisis counselor, 24/7, for free, confidential support.
Crisis Text Line counselors are available to connect about anxiety related to the novel coronavirus, isolation, students’ concerns about school, financial stress, and other concerns.


Managing Anxiety

Managing Anxiety and Stress Related to the Coronavirus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Tips on stress and coping, with specialized advice for parents, responders, and people who have been released from quarantine.

Avoiding Misinformation on COVID-19
News Literacy Project
How to spot—and avoid spreading—misinformation, and identify reliable sources of information.

Anxiety Treatments
The Recovery Village Ridgefield
Variety of treatments for co-occurring disorders, including anxiety.


Mindfulness and Movement

Meditations for Focus, Stress, Sleep—and Even Handwashing
The Headspace app is offering a free set of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises, “Weathering the Storm,” specific to this time; a free suite of tools and guided meditations for business and employees, and free Headspace Plus accounts for providers who work in public health settings.

Dance Classes At Home
Join ODC’s teachers and community online while the physical studio doors are closed. Sign up for a live-streamed class or follow along with a Fusion Light class from Rhythm & Motion.

Exercising during a Pandemic
The Atlantic
Expert advice on getting exercise at home or while maintaining social distancing.

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout app is the #1 fitness app in 127 countries.  NY Times Article and App.


Sharing Art and Stories, Spreading Joy

A Daily Story to Lift Your Spirits
StoryCorps is putting some of the most heartwarming stories from their collection in a daily newsletter. Sign up for reminders of heart, humanity, and generosity from everyday people.

Virtual Museum Visits
Google Arts & Culture
Key pieces from the collections of 2,500 museums worldwide, including special online exhibits.


Supporting Parents, Children and Teenagers

How to Get Your Kids to Treat You Like Their Teacher!   Learn how to create a space and habits that keep kids engaged with schoolwork at home.

Kid Safety During COVID-19: Expert Advice from a Pediatrician.

A Guide to Sleeping with Coronavirus Anxiety. Best Sleep Health’s helpful information and tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep during this difficult time.

Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus
Child Mind Institute
Guidance for parents of young and school-age children on talking to them about coronavirus.

Teens Facing a New Normal
Strategies for teens to protect their mental health while facing a (temporary) new normal.

Top Tips for Preventing Cyber Bullying 
Sunshine Behavioral Health
Anti-Cyber Bullying Guide 


Recursos en Español

Maneje la Ansiedad y el Estrés
Centros para el control y la prevención de enfermedades (CDC)
Consejos sobre estrés y afrontamiento, con consejos especializados para padres, personal de auxilio y personas que han sido liberadas de la cuarentena.

Cómo Hablar con los Niños sobre el Coronavirus
Child Mind Institute
Guía para padres de niños pequeños y en edad escolar sobre cómo hablarles sobre el coronavirus.


Volunteer to Support Others

And if you’re looking for a way to serve others—during this difficult time, and beyond it—consider training as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line. The training can be done from home, and teaches the skills of reflective listening, collaborative problem solving, and crisis management.

We will continue to update this list of resources. Feel free to share this with your loved ones, friends, and networks as we all navigate this difficult time together.


We are here to support you as friends, clients, and partners. We are in this together and together we shall prevail.  You have our support during this time. Know we are thinking of you and your family.  At Grant Engine we are staying the course, ever strong.