Grant Engine is here to help life sciences companies access grants, but that’s not why we exist. Our calling is to do our part to save lives and extend human health.

Working with life sciences companies, we help build organizations, beyond the point of earning non-dilutive funding, so that these companies can research, develop, and deliver the products and technology needed to better human lives.

Here’s how we do it!

  • Grant Engine’s experts work with each organization to understand what drives their work, and their commitment to saving livings and extending human health.
  • Through that exploration, we evaluate what makes each life sciences company different and what it is they’re offering that will meet this commitment to betterment.
  • We highlight this differentiation in pursuing funding opportunities for our clients, prioritizing which funding programs are the most ideal.
  • The non-dilutive funding we secure for client organizations can then be used to build equity value so companies can continue to move forward in their important, field-changing work.

Every step of the way, we tailor our process to our individual clients to ensure that the chosen funding partner, the application and documentation, and the sequence of applications is as efficient and effective as possible.

Winning a grant is something that requires time and effort, and that alone can be a barrier to companies in early stages, with a great idea and the commitment to see it through, but trying to juggle all the demands of business, research, and scheduling.

Grant Engine exists to take on some of those demands, moving companies closer to accessing valuable funding without having to give up on their internal momentum. We see ourselves as partners, coming on board to create and implement an effective strategy for each client so that they can add something important to the life sciences industry, and ultimately to all of society.

Because of our tailored approach, we have many happy clients who have realized great success with non-dilutive funding under our guidance and expert care. We would love to add your life sciences organization to our list.

If your life sciences organization has an idea that will benefit human health, save lives, or otherwise positively impact the world through biotechnology, we want to hear from you. Contact us online, call (650) 937-9164, or email