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We have a high bar in working with partners as we leverage our decades of successful pharmaceutical experience to the microbiome.  With Sam Tetlow and Kristin Scott at Grant Engine, we have found partners who deeply understand the research and business aspects behind drug discovery and development and who have an excellent track record in obtaining non-dilutive funding.  In the 2+ years since engaging Grant Engine, we have submitted five SBIR applications and been awarded all five. While there is surely some good fortune involved with this perfect track record, Grant Engine’s process and team is a fundamental reason that has generated these results.  We recommend their exceptional approach to helping you build a great product and company, just like they have helped us realize our success.”

- Ward Peterson, CEO & PI, Symberix (2019)

Grant Engine helped us secure millions of dollars for our business.  These funds helped start our intensive R&D efforts.  As well, this non-dilutive funding gave us momentum in our successful equity raise.  We continue to rely on Grant Engine for all of our non-dilutive efforts.

- Rolf Müller PhD, CEO, BioFluidica (2019)

To maximize our chances of success, we needed a highly experienced and trusted partner to help articulate the potential benefits of our advanced product to various funding agencies.  Grant Engine delivered.  The writing team composed content that was compelling: it was cogent and impactful. Grant Engine added a strategic approach to working with funding agencies and a very deep understanding of the grant writing process that is delivering success.  From proactive program management to world class writing content we have been impressed with the quality, consistency and depth of strategic insights that Grant Engine has provided to us. In addition to a highly competitive score on a large clinical SBIR proposal, Grant Engine is identifying and pursuing opportunities with other Federal agencies for our company. We are very pleased we made the decision to rely on the Grant Engine team.  We highly recommend working with Grant Engine.”

- Brian G. Firth; MD, PhD, FACC, MBA; Chief Scientific Officer, Thrombolex, Inc. (2019)

Sam and the Grant Engine team know the playbook and most importantly, they know how to execute on the playbook.  Working with Grant Engine has allowed us to maximize funding opportunities without impacting our ability to run and grow our business. They have quickly become a highly valued asset and trusted team collaborators.

- Nick Bott, CSO & Elli Kaplan, CEO, NeuroTrack, Inc. (2018)