If you’re a life science or medical technology company, you know the struggle to obtain funding. Grant Engine was able to help us win a large FDA award for our research and development efforts, which will help us continue our work in the field. They helped us with every step of the process, from understanding our business model and needs to craft an application that would appeal to funders. They delivered a product that met all of our specifications—and then some. The team was excellent  to work with. They were incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process, considering our needs at every stage. They ensured that we knew what we were getting into with each step of the process, so there were no surprises along the way. And they went above and beyond in helping us find additional funding through sources other than Grant Engine—which was extremely helpful!”  

- Jesse O'Gorman; President; Safe Health Systems (2024)

Grant Engine has provided exceptional grant strategy and writing services. I am extremely happy across the board with their team, the quality of their work, their organized and well-defined processes, and the value they add. By having Grant Engine involved, we were able to concentrate on the science and running the company. It was a great comfort to know that the grant proposal was in good hands.” 

- Soman Abraham; Cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer; Mastezellen Bio (2024)

I can’t say enough good things about Grant Engine. They helped us successfully navigate the NSF funding landscape, winning a Phase I SBIR for rapid antibiotic sensitivity testing. The Lead Writer Ian is awesome, and Program Manager Emily is a star. The work funded will help us develop a tool to allow clinicians to more rapidly define the appropriate antibiotics for patients with suspected bacterial sepsis—a condition where every hour counts. 

- Mustafa Al-Adhami, PhD; CEO; Astek Diagnostics (2024)

“We’re thrilled to say that our partnership with Grant Engine has been an extraordinary success. Grant Engine provided us with a solution that helped us secure funding for our project. We were looking for a way to obtain non-dilutive funding, and Grant Engine provided us with a tailored approach specific to what we needed. We’ve won 4 NIH SBIR Phase I grants with Grant Engine so far and anticipate more to come. We would highly recommend the services of Grant Engine to others looking for non-dilutive funding!”  

- Joshua Yang; Co-Founder and CEO; Glyphic Biotechnologies (2023)

“We are pleased to partner with Grant Engine to help us realize our vision of using our technology to develop therapies for rare genetic diseases in children. The Grant Engine team was great to work with! Ratnam (writer) was quick to learn the complex science in our grant and asked good, detailed questions to get up to speed. Jun (Program Manager) was very organized and clear in her interactions with us. I would recommend Grant Engine to anyone looking for federal grant funding.” 

- Kitchener D. Wilson, MD, PhD; Co-founder and CEO; Rosebud Biosciences (2023)

“Dear Sam: I wanted to let you know personally that Emily and Sean have done an over-the-top great job on our two grant applications! Please keep our team together for our hopeful spring applications!!”

- Chris Salvino, MD, MS, MS, MNE, ME, MT, FACS; President | Surgeon | Inventor. SharpMed, LLC (2023)

“It has been a pleasure working with the Grant Engine team. The fit was perfect as the Grant Engine team were quick to understand our technology and our value proposition and facilitated the process of translating our passion and vision into a well written and well received SBIR application. We will be working with them in the future as we expand upon our quest for additional non-dilutive funding. We highly recommend Grant Engine as their understanding and approach will be able to assist others through the convoluted process of government grants application.

- David Dolinger; Vice President of Product Management and Quality; General Fluidics (2023)

I was excited to try Grant Engine because I had been trying to secure funding for a project with a Phase 1 award. The product had already been in development for several years, but its performance needed to be improved. In order to do that, we would need additional funding, which we sought through the National Science Foundation. We decided to try Grant Engine because they have a proven process for winning grants and an experienced team of non-dilutive funding experts that could help us. The Grant Engine team helped us develop and submit our grant application, providing excellent support throughout the process. They enhanced the organization of the project, helped identify the key areas which needed significant content attention from us, explained where certain highly specific language was needed, and kept us on a healthy and realistic pace to finish the project in a timely manner. I highly recommend Grant Engine to any Life Science or Medical Tech Company looking for funding!”  

Daniel Cox; Co-Founder and COO; Protein Architects (2023)

“Sam, Thank You so much for presenting at our lunch and learn last Thursday. All our of residents and attendees had nothing but positive comments and we are so grateful for all the knowledge you shared. A few teams in particular are interested in the Grant Engine’s services and I’ll be sending connection emails throughout the week.”  

- Courtney Ho, Site Head, Harvard Life Lab (2023)

“I want to express my gratitude to Grant Engine for their invaluable support. Lazzaro Medical has greatly benefited from Grant Engine’s personalized approach and strategic thinking, and their ability to distill complex concepts into compelling narratives. I highly recommend Grant Engine for small businesses seeking grant funding; their proven track record makes them an invaluable partner. 

- Dawn Bitz; President; Lazzaro Medical (2023)

“Our goal was to obtain a Phase 1 SBIR funding award to create a minimum viable prototype and validate it with end users, and Grant Engine helped make it happen. Their expert team guided us through every stage of the grant submission process. From helping to scope the research specific aims, write the grant, identify writers for letters of support, incorporate feedback from outside reviewers, and manage the electronic submission, Grant Engine delivered high-quality guidance and service. We subsequently received a Notice of Award from the NICHD for nearly $400k to move our device development forward. We highly recommend working with Grant Engine and leveraging their expertise!”

- Alan Rosenbaum, MD, MSCR, MSBME, FACOG; CEO and Cofounder, Cervu (2023)

I’ve worked with Grant Engine and their team on several grants (some successful!), and they have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the intricacies of grant applications and funding landscapes. Their team—Sam (CEO), Randy (Writer), and Malcolm (Project Manager)—were responsive, collaborative, and consistently went the extra mile.” 

- Patrick Goodwill; Co-Founder and CEO; Magnetic Insight (2023)

We were trying to get funding for our project with a direct to Phase 2 award, but we weren’t sure how to proceed. We knew we had to demonstrate the viability of our design if we wanted a shot at getting funding, but we didn’t know how. We reached out to Grant Engine, who helped us design a grant application we felt confident submitting—and they gave us ongoing advice throughout the process. They explained how they would get us in front of the right people and help us craft an application that would make them want to fund us! I found the Grant Engine team to be responsive and knowledgeable. They offered practical advice throughout the process. It was amazing! Grant Engine was so helpful and knowledgeable that I highly recommend them to other companies looking for non-dilutive funding.”  

- Jennifer Cheng; Founder and CEO; PTM Therapeutics (2022)

The Grant Engine team worked with us to deliver a focused SBIR Direct to Phase 2 grant that secured non-dilutive funding for our project—and now we can keep doing the work that matters most: making the world better through our science! In this approach, Grant Engine has helped us win two vital projects, a transformational outcome! I highly recommend The Grant Engine team if you are looking for help obtaining non-dilutive funding for your project or company.”  

Rick Morello; Chief Executive Officer; CND Life Sciences (2022)

Our BioStrategies team enjoyed a transformative and positive experience in working with Grant Engine to complete the recent submission of an NIH CRP proposal to support preclinical commercialization goals for our lead therapeutic product.  Although it was more work for us than we anticipated, Jun (project manager) and the Lead Writer from Grant Engine led us through the essentials of constructing a persuasive application and introduced us to all of the essential outside CRO’s that we would need to put together a credible grant proposal packageMost important for us in the long run is that we learned an incredible amount about the next stage of biopharmaceutical drug development, knowledge that will inform us significantly as we plan the future of our company’s development.”  

- David Radin; Managing Director and Owner ; BioStrategies (2022)

Grant Engine is the best grant writing partner in industry for any startup seeking it.”  

- Harsha K Rajasimha; Founder and CEO; Jeeva Informatics Solutions (2022)

“I wanted to write and provide an update on our two grant proposals submitted last year to the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. As of yesterday, we have officially gone 2/2 with our SBIR Phase I awards!  I especially appreciate the work from Ron on proposal editing and Jun in shepherding these through the external peer review process. I know that they emerged from the Grant Engine process as much stronger proposals, and we’re grateful that the DOE and NSF saw merit in each of these documents.”  

- Johan Kers, PhD; Founder and CEO; Birch Biosciences, LLC (2022)

“I have contracted with many companies that offer professional services.  Ron Godiska and Jun Wang’s superlative work ethic, keen intellect, genuine kindness, and unfailing attention to detail have surpassed my wildest expectations.  You both are a credit to your disciplines and reflect well on Grant Engine. We would not have been able to do this without you both.”

- David Hagedorn Ph.D., BCN, CEO, Evoke Neuroscience, Inc (2022)

Emily, Ron and Chris were all an absolute pleasure to work with, are very talented, and went out of their way on the whole process and our submission.”

- Beth Lindborg; CEO; Sarcio, Inc. (2022)

“Dear Sam, On behalf of Magpad, I wanted to express our utmost gratitude to your team for their work on our NIH SBIR grant application. From the start, Zachary, Simon, Chris, Diane, and yourself have been exceptional in your professionalism and responsiveness to our needs.

I especially wanted to commend our grant writers Jun Wang and Ian Bruzas for their tireless work on our behalf. They kept us on top of our tasks, advised and assisted us, and guided us through the entire tortuous (and torturous) application process. Having once attempted to do the application myself (unsubmitted), I understand how difficult it is. Jun and Ian were able to fully understand and demonstrate our device and accentuate its advantages. The weekly calls kept us updated and perfectly on time for the deadline. The process could not have been smoother. After our final draft and the review comments from the external reviewers, we believe that Jun and Ian were able to present our company and device in the best possible light. We are in their debt. Here’s to hoping that we will have a long and productive relationship with Grant Engine for our budgeting and Phase II application!”

- John Leo, CEO, Magpad (2022)

Jun and Randy were patient and smart. We appreciate and value the team.”  

- Michael Leon, PhD; Founder and CSO; Science Lab 3 (2022)

“We were very happy with our experience with Grant Engine! Their team was helpful, organized, and our communication with the team was great. They took the time to understand our project and had the grantsmanship and expertise needed to do the job well! We are already a repeat customer and will definitely be turning to Grant Engine again in the future.”

- Peter Tam, President & COO, Quadriga Biosciences (2021)

The Grant Engine team made the onboarding process quick and straightforward, and the reviewers provided an extremely fast and comprehensive review of our proposal. Overall, Grant Engine helped us to resubmit an NIH SBIR that we are incredibly proud of and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”  

- Todd Roberts; Founder & CEO; Assistive Technology Development (2021)

“Culturally and professionally Grant Engine is a perfect fit for NellOne Therapeutics. Our company is driven by a passion for service. That means overcoming obstacles to get to market.  The Grant Engine team shares in our passion and has delivered tremendous commitment coupled with incredible insight in our drive for non-dilutive funding. They listen, consider and endow exceptional feedback that is instrumental in communicating our value proposition and plan. They have my unqualified endorsement.”

- Bill Malkes, CEO, NellOne Therapeutics (2020)

“Our experience with Grant Engine was outstanding. They were knowledgeable, supportive, and thorough in their work for us. Working with them not only saved us time and stress but was also an educational experience for our whole team. I would strongly recommend them to any organizations looking for guidance through the grant process.”

- Enrique Alvarez Sotomayor, Co-Founder, Senior VP Research and Development, Pangolin Therapeutics (2020)

“At Taproot, we insist on the highest quality of product and effort – Grant Engine surpassed our expectations. The Grant Engine team worked closely with us to create a grant submission that we felt confident in, and were patient with us throughout the process. I will definitely be looking to them again in the future!”

– Linda Buscemi, Chief Clinical Officer, TapRoot (2020)

We have a high bar in working with partners as we leverage our decades of successful pharmaceutical experience to the microbiome.  With Sam Tetlow and Kristin Scott at Grant Engine, we have found partners who deeply understand the research and business aspects behind drug discovery and development and who have an excellent track record in obtaining non-dilutive funding.  In the 2+ years since engaging Grant Engine, we have submitted five SBIR applications and been awarded all five. While there is surely some good fortune involved with this perfect track record, Grant Engine’s process and team is a fundamental reason that has generated these results.  We recommend their exceptional approach to helping you build a great product and company, just like they have helped us realize our success.”

- Ward Peterson, CEO & PI, Symberix (2020)

We were so pleased to get world class support from Grant Engine. While we were enthusiastic about applying for our Phase II project, time was tight. Grant Engine showed a flexible and responsive approach with a highly qualified team, superior process, and we were really satisfied with and proud of the final product. The Grant Engine team was truly dedicated to ensuring all details were addressed leading up to the submission and they continued to work with us as JIT requests came through. I highly recommend engaging Grant Engine for all of your Phase II projects! The value and insight they added to our small team cannot be overstated.” 

- Lyndsey M. Linke, PhD, ME CEO and Founder; SiVEC Biotechnologies (2020)

“Drug discovery in the neuro space is both crucially important and highly complex. We teamed up with Grant Engine to hone our pre-clinical development programs and we were enthusiastic about the team, process and results. We enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend working with Grant Engine!”    

- Carleton Sage, PhD; Co-founder and VP Computational Sciences, Beacon Discovery Inc. (2020)

We cannot recommend working with Grant Engine highly enough.  When we started working with Grant Engine, Sam and the team immediately put in time to help us formulate our product strategy. We were enthusiastic about the work product, the quality of the team and the final results. With this first submission we secured an awarded Phase I.  Grant Engine helped us with the state match from North Carolina. Naturally, we were thrilled to work with them for the Phase II submission.  We are very pleased to continue to build this relationship.  We recommend you work with Grant Engine!”  

- Michael Jay, PhD, CEO & CSO, Arcato (2020)

Grant Engine embodies persistence and hard work under pressure. As our product developed and we continued to meet key milestones, Kristin Scott, Lanika Stark and the entire Grant Engine team worked to deliver a focused SBIR Direct to Phase 2 grant to secure non-dilutive funding. They are not only dedicated to their work and detail-oriented, they are also a pleasure to work with, especially under tight deadlines. We look forward to working with them again in the future, and we hope you do as well!  

- Carolyn Durham, PhD, CSO, Renovion (2020)

“We are very grateful for the guidance and experience of Grant Engine’s team!  We appreciate the time they took in developing our grant thesis and positioning our product for a compelling grant submission.  We recommend Grant Engine’s approach to helping to position a winning product for non-dilutive funding.

- Anand Parikh, Chronus Co-founder and CEO (2020)

Grant Engine helped us secure millions of dollars for our business.  These funds helped start our intensive R&D efforts.  As well, this non-dilutive funding gave us momentum in our successful equity raise.  We continue to rely on Grant Engine for all of our non-dilutive efforts.

- Rolf Müller PhD, CEO, BioFluidica (2019)

Additional testimonials from prior years that are similar to those above, by year.

2020 n=1
2019 n=6
2018 n=6
2017 n=4
2016 n=1

(n = 51 total)