Grant Engine Careers

Grant Engine is a growing company. We started Grant Engine because we support the trailblazers – companies that take innovation to a whole new level. We aim to address some of the most daunting diseases affecting human health, as well as develop new tools and products to bring new understanding to the field of life sciences, technology, and emerging fields of study.

We are looking for talented individuals to join our team. Please explore the open positions and reach us directly at .

Current Openings

Why Grant Engine?
We are changing how companies win grants and contracts. Our approach was born from a successful pedigree of building life science and other companies. At our heart, we are company of builders. As we support our clients, we are here for simple, straightforward reasons: Teamwork, Respect, and People.
We believe in working together to get things done. Our team is aligned; we’re all motivated to reach the same objective. We encourage our team to be vocal and bring new ideas to the table. We nurture ideas and push to make them a reality. You will never be discouraged from speaking your mind.
The work we do is both exciting and challenging. You will be respected for your contribution as an essential member of the team, and you will be surrounded by those who continue to earn the respect of their peers.  Together, we will extend the reputation for excellence that has come to be expected from Grant Engine. When in synchronicity, our work is best accomplished with respect for our clients & teammates, respect for the challenges we face, and respect for the precision and thoroughness required to succeed.
With Grant Engine, your unique abilities put you in an exceptional position to seize opportunities and address exciting scientific & business problems. You will work with some of the most brilliant scientists and technology specialists in the world. Yet, on this team, everyone’s work and ideas are valued and needed.

We’re also serious about expanding our capabilities.  We take the time to learn new techniques and approaches to improve our delivery. No matter what your function, background, or job level, you are a part of the team at Grant Engine. We’re all in it together. And together, we achieve so much more.