About Us

Grant Engine principals are company builders first and last. Previous companies led by key principals have been built on grant funding. This experience is valuable primary experience as to how non-dilutive funding is best utilized to build equity value. The dynamic of winning grants is surely valuable. However, it carries dangers if those funds are not followed at some point by equity or tangible value in the form of a development deal, or revenue and profits.

The goal of Grant Engine is not to endlessly deliver grants for our clients. Rather, deliver necessary non-dilutive funding early in a company’s life cycle to secure significant equity or equity at a higher valuation. Grant Engine deeply understands this dynamic and is focused on realizing a non-dilutive funding strategy as a means to building value for its clients.

We are changing how companies win grants and contracts. Our approach was born from a successful pedigree of building life science and other companies. A key part of that is securing crucial funding in companies changing their fields. At our heart, we are company builders. We see non-dilutive funding as an important component to building companies, although it is not the sole dimension to funding a company.

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