When trying to secure non-dilutive funding, organizations are faced with a big decision – to write and submit the grant themselves or to partner with a grant writing company?

The right grant writing company serves many purposes outside of actually writing and reviewing proposals, some of which are: evaluating preliminary data, identifying funding opportunities, understanding the nuances of the funding mechanism/organization, and actually submitting the grant.

So, what does a good partner look like?

Because partnering with and investing in a grant writing company is an act of trust, the decision should be informed by a proven track record and expertise in the field. A good grant writing company should have writers with PhDs in your area of expertise, resources who know and understand the non-dilutive funding landscape, and supporting staff that can provide additional grantsmanship. Grant Engine provides each client with a Lead Writer that has a PhD in fields ranging from neurology and oncology to biochemistry and proteomics. We also provide each client with a Program Manager that has a PhD in a technical field, providing a ‘general reviewer’ perspective to the grant formulation as well as expertise in the funding landscape applicable to your technology and/or indication. These delivery teams give our clients confidence that we know the field like they do.

The right grant writing team should also have an impressive track record. You want to work with a team that has succeeded in this area many times in the past. It is always recommended to ask the company for their track record of winning grants in your specific field.

Another thing to look for is a data-driven approach. Your ideal grant writing partner should understand why data is important in securing a grant, and how to present that data in a winning way. At Grant Engine, we always begin our process by receiving and analyzing the client’s company and product. This includes publications, investor decks, and preliminary data. We evaluate this information to tailor and personalize our approach to your specific needs. If you are considering a grant writing partner that is not doing this, you are unlikely to receive what your company actually needs to succeed.

Finally, the best grant writing partner understands your product and its commercialization goals. A good partner is not just there to glean information about your company. They should understand, appreciate, and add value to your business model and product roadmap. This will make you stand out to both reviewers and funding agencies. At Grant Engine, we understand that positioning is everything. We are not here to just tell a good story, we are here for you to tell the right best story. This reflects optimum positioning against market dynamics and Funding Agency dynamics. 

What should you do to maximize this partnership?

Once you have selected the right grant writing partner, here are some things you can do to make the most out of that partnership.

  • Know your technology and company goals: A good grant writing partner is not looking to adjust your timelines and alter your company plans. Instead, they should be working with you to learn your technology inside and out. You are the expert in what you do, so make sure you can communicate that to the grant writing team.
  • Have good data: The partner you choose will want to see, review, and understand your data. Having this strong foundation is key to both your grant proposal’s success and to your company’s success.
  • Be transparent: You should always be upfront with the grant writing team. They want to know the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of your research and development plan. To write the best possible proposal, your grant writer team needs the full story to tell the right best story.
  • Be involved in the editing process: After an initial draft of your proposal has been written, it’s time for edits. This is the time for you to make sure the proposal really captures your product and organization. Work closely with your grant writing team on the final product so that you can submit with confidence.

The Outcome

Whether you write and submit the grant yourself or work with a specialist, the strongest grant proposals take many hours of hard work. Partnering with the right grant writing team can give you more time and freedom to focus on other aspects of your business.

At Grant Engine, we strive to make our clients’ lives easier by handling the bulk of this work. The best proposals come from a collaboration between the client and our grant writing team – the more we work together, the more successful we will be.

If you’re ready to get started on your winning grant, give us a call at (650) 937-9164, email greatscience@grantengine.com or contact us here.