Our Proprietary Process for Winning Grants

The Grant Engine Process 

The Grant Engine development process is specifically designed to win non-dilutive funding for emerging technologies.

With win rates at 2 to 4x better than the national average, a proven team, and a focus on advancing differentiated products that improve the standard of care, we partner with select companies. We include our External Review as a unique and proven edge. By working directly with your team, we focus on positioning the right best story for your product considering competing products and expected standard of care.

We know you need a trusted and leading partner to help win your grant.

Our deeply experienced team, with a track record of both building winning products and writing winning grants, is composed of expert writers and program managers. We write your best grant due to our broad domain expertise and necessary depth of understanding in your specific product domain.

Get started on your next grant, today! 

We offer a variety of services

– SBIR/STTR grant thesis, writing, and management
– Retainer options for cost efficiency at higher volumes per year
– External Review for selected products and companies
– Accounting & Compliance support that is always audit ready
We invest in your success using a hybrid revenue model of upfront costs and success fee.

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