Christina Birch

USA Track Cycling

Building her legacy

As a scientist and athlete, Christina’s discipline and critical thinking enable her success both on and off the track. From completing her PhD in biological engineering at MIT, to working as a science writer for Grant Engine, to becoming a 2x Pan-American Games Gold Medalist, Christina keeps her eye on the prize until victory is achieved. 


World Cup Medals


National Championships

National Medals

You can’t replicate the feeling you get from lining up in red, white, and blue” – Christina Birch, PhD

Christina is accepting donations to supplement her annual stipend. Your  support allows her continue to pursue her passion and represent our country.

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Christina achieves big goals one step at a time. Her next step: partnering with a biotech or life-science company to build their brand and test their innovations. Will yours be that company?

Test Your Technology

Your innovation technologies are only as impressive as their proven results. Christina will test and review your product, as iteratively as necessary, so that you and your team can continue improving your work. Her feedback as a scientist and athlete will act as a source of constructive feedback and a testimonial for your customers.

Showcase Your Product

Your customers to know they are using the best product possible. What better way to do that than to show how an olympic athlete has benefitted from that exact same product? Through endorsing your work and acting as an ambassador for your company, Christina can help you showcase your innovations and technologies.

Build Your Reputation

Branding is more than just a logo. When potential customers hear your name, what comes to their mind? With Christina’s seal of approval for your products, your company can become synonymous with Olympian-level quality and impact.

How will your company benefit from an olympian’s seal of approval?

Featured Partnerships

Christina acts as an ambassador and promotes public brand recognition as a Olympic Long Team Member

Foundation for American Track Cycling

Christina tested a cooled sleeping pad to increase quality of sleep; created marketing materials and provided product feedback


Christina provided feedback on brain stimulating headphones to help inform next gen design; created blog posts for marketing

Halo Neuroscience

Christina collected heart rate variability (HRV) data to track recovery following training


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