Grant Engine leverages data storage, communication, collaboration, and other tools to deliver the best in class service to our clients. Security is vital to our work and for the work of our clients.

As we rely heavily on external tools and platforms, this post conveys the depth and breadth of our partners’ security levels. We have reviewed these security capabilities and have selected these platforms specifically for their combination of versatility, usability, and perhaps most important data and communications security.

The key tools we use are Google G-Suite Business; Dropbox Business; and Zoom Professional.

Google G-Suite provides us email, calendar, and youtube. Google takes security seriously as seen in this white paper. The 27 page white paper summarizes the key points and starts with

“As a cloud pioneer, Google fully understands the security implications of the cloud model. Our cloud services are designed to deliver better security than many traditional on-premises solutions. We make security a priority to protect our own operations, but because Google runs on the same infrastructure that we make available to our customers, your organization can directly benefit from these protections. That’s why we focus on security, and protection of data is among our primary design criteria. Security drives our organizational structure, training priorities and hiring processes. It shapes our data centers and the technology they house. It’s central to our everyday operations and disaster planning, including how we address threats. It’s prioritized in the way we handle customer data. And it’s the cornerstone of our account controls, our compliance audits and the certifications we offer our customers.”

Dropbox Business provides Grant Engine with document management and collaboration tools. We have reviewed with interest this 45 page white paper.

“At Dropbox, the security of your data is our highest priority. We have a dedicated security team using the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain Dropbox, and you can rest assured that we’ve implemented multiple levels of security to protect and back up your files.”

Zoom Professional is commonly known at this point. Originally touted as the most secure civilian video communications system, the security of zoom’s platform has recently been upgraded with the acquisition of Keybase on 9 May 2020. This letter from management describes the security and mission to deepen end-to-end encryption performance.

We have always been a leader in innovating at speed and scale, and are equally committed to doing that with respect to privacy and security. We actively and quickly addressed specific security concerns as they were raised over the past few weeks. Zoom absolutely delivers a safe and secure virtual meeting environment when used with the appropriate safeguards to protect meetings, like enabling passwords and waiting rooms. Zoom has been – and continues to be – the platform of choice for many sophisticated organizations all over the world. The attached data sheet includes additional information regarding our security features, both old and new, that help keep your data safe. Our hope is that this information will allow you to take comfort in the fact that Zoom is secure.”

Grant Engine routinely reinforces security and confidentiality requirements at our team meetings. The security and protection of your data and information is important to us! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at (650) 937-9164 or