Program Overview

The CDMRP strives to fund projects that other agencies may not be willing to take on, in order to bridge research gaps. Contrary to their name, you would not advocate or lobby your member of congress to secure this funding, nor will this generally yield fruit (unless the relationship is a special one). All CDMRP programs have the same goal of developing groundbreaking research, treatments, and technologies that will improve patient care with a specific focus on the warfighter and those supporting them. The CDMRP has several key principles that guide their approach. These include investing in innovative research, targeting critical gaps, having a two-tier review process without any standing peer review panels, involving consumer advocates, supporting both new and established researchers, funding the full research pipeline from basic to clinical research, and fostering collaboration.

Importantly, foreign entities, non-profit research organizations and for-profit companies are all eligible for CDMRP funding.

Opportunities for Funding

Active Funding Opportunities can be found here. Note, the general area “Peer Reviewed Medical” for general opportunities. If there is an area of focus that aligns with your product roadmap, click through and then click on top hyperlink “Synopsis”. This will link through to a PDF that provides a brief description, amounts, parameters, submission dates, and other key elements of the award mechanism.

Don’t see areas of interest? The list of additional Research Programs will navigate you to a list of currently funded research programs, although there are no open solicitations for this list. Navigating to the area of interest (there are 38 at last count, so it’s likely to have an area of interest to you) will identify possible opportunities that will arrive in the future. Also, dive in on the general area “Peer Reviewed Medical” for additional general opportunities. To understand when these might be issued, email the CDMRP program at

As well, at the bottom of the Research Programs page, there are Additional Supported DOD Programs/Projects which offer additional programs that are available on a rolling basis.

Strategies for Success:
  • Have a military Champion who is an advocate for your work! See below for further details.
  • Write the proposal with the audience in mind: the warfighter and those who support them.
  • Carefully review the Funding Opportunity Announcement to gain an understanding of the mechanism intent, research focus areas, submission information, administrative and regulatory requirements, and review criteria
  • Demonstrate the relevance of the proposed project to program-specific goals and explain how it will provide solutions to the military and it’s specific problems
  • Demonstrate project feasibility by providing evidence of appropriate expertise, appropriately powered studies, and availability of and access to critical resources and/or subject populations
  • Meet the deadlines listed on the front cover of the funding opportunity, and if working with Grant Engine, the internal project deadlines

How do I engage with leaders in the military?  Search through to the research programs, and find programmatic panels here. Click into the area of interest, and navigate to the bottom of the respective page, and select “Programmatic Panel” for current year or previous years. There, you will see individuals and their affiliation. Focus on those in the military or a retiree of the military (unless you have a basis to do so, generally avoid those affiliated with academia). To avoid conflict, you are well served to leverage prior year programmatic panel members.

We have brought forward these additional resources for Investigators and Companies:

  • Explore the CDMRP Webinar Series to learn more about the types of funding opportunities offered and strategies to increase the success of your application. These are dated, but valuable.
  • Understand the CDMRP’s Two-Tiered Review Process
  • Learn more about the CDMRP funding history and statistics by program area

To find additional military opportunities go to bottom right of the listing here to see a variety of additional opportunities, including:

Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program (JPC-1)

Military Operational Medicine Research Program (JPC-5)

Combat Casualty Care Research Program (JPC-6)

Radiation Health Effects Research Program (JPC-7)

Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program (JPC-8)


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? To search for additional military funding solicitations, navigate to and enter “12.420” unto the CFDA search criteria box.


When you are ready to engage Grant Engine, please contact us here or call (650) 937-9164.